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Local Currencies: The Way To Beat The Banksters And Start A Financial Revolution

by Gabriel Donohoe   (Fools Crow) The Money Trust, an international cabal of ultra-powerful banksters, covertly controls the entire finances of the world for its own profit and pleasure. This elite cadre of criminals has deliberately brought the world to the brink of economic ruin so that banksters can seize properties and other tangible assets for [...]

BIG NEWS! All The World’s Banksters Foreclosed! Puppet Governments and Corporations Too!

by Gabriel Donohoe  (Fools Crow) We truly live in extraordinary times! A huge blow has been struck against the banksters and their minions around the world! They have all been lawfully put out of business and all their assets lawfully claimed as compensation for the people. A group known as One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) [...]

Did The Pope Resign To Avoid Arrest?

Fools Crow How much of this report is true?  Or is it based on wishful thinking?   See American Kabuki blog… and lightworkersxm blog   Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter - Diplomatic Note was issued to Vatican just prior to his resignation Historic, Breaking News: Wednesday, February 12/13, [...]

The Mouse That Roared! – Irishman Summonses Phil Hogan To High Court!

by Gabriel Donohoe  (Fools Crow) The hard-pressed people of Ireland have had enough! They will no longer tolerate corrupt politicians working for vested interests and against the interests of the majority of the Irish people. They will no longer tolerate venal politicians working to feather their own nests by subserving a powerful moneyed elite. And [...]

News Update… Phil Hogan To Be Grilled In The High Court…!

By Gabriel Donohoe (Fools Crow) A second document has come into this writer’s possession which now makes it inevitable that Phil Hogan & his fellow sleeveens will face a grilling in the High Court early in the New Year. Hogan and his mob are about to be charged with imposing a fraudulent Act upon the [...]

I Accuse…

by Gabriel Donohoe   (Fools Crow) (This article, “I Accuse”, was inspired by French writer Ēmile Zola who, in 1898, wrote one of the most famous open letters in history. Titled “J’Accuse” in French, it was addressed to the President of France and was published on the front page of the newspaper, L’Aurore. The letter [...]

Breaking News…! The People Fight Back…! Phil Hogan and His Ilk May Be Charged With Fraud & Duplicity re the Household Charge in the High Court…!

by Gabriel Donohoe (Fools Crow) A short time ago, this writer received a copy of a confidential formal Notice sent yesterday to Minister Phil Hogan demanding answers to a number of hard hitting questions about his controversial Household Charge Act. The Notice was copied to Noonan, Shatter, senior judges, and others. Hogan was given 72 [...]

Irish Daily Mail Dutifully Pushes Government/Bankster Lies

by Gabriel Donohoe   (Fools Crow) The first line of an article on page 2 of the Irish Daily Mail on Friday, August 24th, 2012, by Senan Molony, Political Editor, reads: “The nation’s bond sellers boosted State coffers by another €1 billion yesterday – bringing closer the day when our financial sovereignty is restored.” This [...]

Michael Collins Gave His Life To Win Irish Sovereignty; Cowen And Kenny Conspired To Destroy It

by Gabriel Donohoe  (Fools Crow) On this day 90 years ago, one of Ireland’s greatest leaders died in an ambush in County Cork during a brutal Civil War. He was 32 years of age, a man of great charisma and immense personal courage, a man of ceaseless energy and wilful action, and a man of [...]

“Irish State Means Little To Many…” – Fintan O’Toole Is Right, But For The Wrong Reasons

by Gabriel Donohoe   (Fools Crow) In a piece in The Irish Times on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012, Fintan O’Toole bemoans the fact that the “Irish State Means Little To Many Of Its Citizens.” It is indeed true that the Irish State continues to mean less and less to a growing majority of Irish men and [...]

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