FLUORIDEGA​TE An American Tragedy

FLUORIDEGATE the movie is a new documentary film that reveals the tragedy of how the United States government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially small children, who suffer more than any other segment of the population. While the basis of their motivation remains uncertain, the outcome is crystal clear: it is destroying our nation.

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  2. Aj February 3, 2013 at 10:51 am

    INot just an American issue……reland ,one of the hardest nations to break, there was always pockets of fighters during English rule (700 to 800 years) no wonder why the EC backed the Irish government as far back as far as the 60′s…of course after De Velera was gone from office..throw the sh*t in the water (an experiment) and it stops all people from going against the grain making them dossile like lambs…….is this what we are seeing now in Ireand, people lying down to die while their so called government, protectors of the Irish people gorge on large plates of food, drive nice cars, live in nice warm cosy houses, get their families and buddies jobs, get large pensions, great medical care while the norm are malnurshied, none educated or poorly educated, kept in the dark about so many important things because of the erosion of the constitution and common law by ALL Irish governments from the first to the last, the first paved the way for the rest who with the help of Mr Cosgrove who removed section/Article 47 and 48 waving good bye to a real republic…..and the start up of the dictatorship we see now and saw in the 80′s too….here below are a few one liners from famous Irish idiots in charge. And all supported by what is called Fine Gael now…..in at the start and now at the end…….unless you stop the end of the republic…..

    We are living beyond our means….No Charlie you were we got screwed.
    Do you think the property market will crash…..No sure you might as well thorw yourself off a bridge if you believe that……No Bertie you throw yourself off that bridge will ya!
    The HSE is in great shape and no keep spending there is no chance of a slown down….really Mary even after the whole producing sector is leaving Ireland at 20 companies a week (early 2000)….the start of the building boom!!! from a real economy to a fake one…….once lablled the food nation to the “dude were’s my nation” ….
    Ah! Sure we all went mad borrowing its their own fault (in Ireland)….now lets back peddle to Xmas..it wasn’t your fault it was the banks and developers….No Enda it was all your faults you were suckling at the pockets of Europe to and could have spoken up, told the truth and stopped the rot….. but no you decided to keep stuckem and ride the wave till it crashed and then pointed the finger. Good work Enda!
    WE don’t need a bailout….really Brian really ? or were you that yellow you hadn’t got the balls to stand up for the Irish people and tell them the truth and tell the EU to clean up their own mess….no you decided to make us all permenent slaves and our kids and probably our grand kids too……..Nice one Brian you will NOT be missed.
    There’ll be no money in the ATM’s….really Brain…even though they are “Euros” in the machines, the currency of the other 26 nations…..what a stupid comment to make but the people believed it and allowed the country to be guarantor to unsecured bondholders.
    And the best ever….I wasn’t drunk or drinking I was slightly sick that morning on national radio……oh! jesus weep what a bunch of pure and utter idiots all these are…..
    Thanks Floride for making my country and its people so…… stand up’ish….!!


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