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Sovereign Independent UK & One World Chronicle are delighted to announce that we will be bringing you a new two hour live radio broadcast.

Our regular weekly broadcast will go out every Thursday night from 8.00pm to 10.00pm but we’ll also have extra broadcasts between 8pm-10pm as and when guests are available. Check the current guest list below for upcoming broadcsats.

The new show will be a mix of how the news is shaping up around us as we move towards the New World Order being imposed upon humanity as well as interviews  with some fascinating guests that we have lined up

This new show will be called “Reality Bytes Radio”

Every show will be podcast so you will be able to download and enjoy at your leisure.

We will also do an occasional special broadcast on other nights to accommodate the many guests we have lined up so far.

Stay linked to  or for further details.

Upcoming Guest List

May 1st ~ David Noakes – The EU Mafia & Audio and comment on Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s challenge to the British medical establishment

May 2nd ~ Charlotte Iserbyt with Co-Host Brian Gerrish – The De-Education System

May 8th ~ Pippa King – RFID in Schools & Biometrics

May 9th ~ Thomas Sheridan – The Psychopaths Ruling the World

May 13th ~ (Date subject to change but confirmed for this week) Judith Resiman with Co-Host Brian Gerrish – The Kinsey Syndrome & Establishment Paedophilia

May 16th ~ Nathan Allonby – Privacy in The Orwellian Big Brother State

May 23rd ~ Richard Cottrell with Co-Host Tony Farrell – False Flags & Operation Gladio

May 30th ~ William Engdahl – GMO, Abiotic Oil & Current Geopolitical Events

June 6th – 9th Broadcasting Live from the Bilderberg Meeting

June 6th ~ Christopher Monckton

June 13th – Katherine Albrecht with Co-Host Nathan Allonby – RFID & Surveillance Technology



Reality Bytes
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Current Interview:


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1st April 2013 ~ Promo Broadcast with Ian Crilly & Neil Foster ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY

4th April 2013 ~ Gerald Celente ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY  

11th April 2013 ~ (Special Broadcast) ~ Brian Gerrish & Kathy Sinnott ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY

11th April 2013 ~ Walter Graham ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY

18th April 2013 ~ James Corbett ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY

25th April 2013 ~ Dave Eden ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY

1st May 2013 ~ David Noakes ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY

2nd May 2013 ~ Charlotte Iserbyt with Co-Host Brian Gerrish ~ DOWNLOAD or PLAY

May 8th 2013 ~ Pippa King -  DOWNLOAD or PLAY

May 9th 2013 ~ Thomas Sheridan –  DOWNLOAD or PLAY

May 16th ~ Steve Jolly - Pippa King - Mike Mitchum DOWNLOAD or PLAY

May 23rd ~ Richard Cottrell with Co-Host Tony Farrell DOWNLOAD or PLAY

May 30th ~ William Engdahl GMO, Abiotic Oil & Current Geopolitical Events DOWNLOAD or PLAY

Bilderberg - Live Broadcasting

June 13th – Katherine Albrecht -RFID & Surveillance Technology DOWNLOAD or PLAY

June 20th - Paul Craig Roberts - Guest Host Mike Robinson DOWNLOAD or PLAY

July 4th - Dave Eden - Free Press Association DOWNLOAD or PLAY



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