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endthelie (big thanks for the links list borrowed from this site - much appreciated - OWC Team)

Blacklisted News


Activist Post

Nie Poprawne Radio PL

1st Headlines (mainstream headlines)

ACLU’s Free Future

Aftermath News


American Free Press

Before It’s News (user-submitted news)

BoingBoing (news, commentary, and humor too)

Breaking News (aggregates popular news on Twitter)

Chaotic Fate

CNET Security and Privacy

Common Dreams (liberal bias)

Corbett Report

Counter Punch

Courthouse News

Crooks and Liars (heavy liberal bias

Cryptome (essential resource for declassified documents and military/security intel)

Danger Room

Deadline Live

Democracy Now! (heavy liberal bias, directly linked to George Soros)

Dissident Voice

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Drudge Report (conservative leaning depending on who you ask)

EFF Deeplinks

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Food World Order

Foreign Policy’s Killer Apps

Fukushima Facts

Full Spectrum Dominance

Geoengineering Watch

Glenn Greenwald

Google News (great for the latest news, 99.9% mainstream and biased but good for research/updates regardless)

Government Security News Magazine


Homeland Security News Wire

Information Clearing House

Information Liberation


LandDestroyer Geopolitics (Tony Cartalucci’s blog)


Lew Rockwell

Long War Journal

Media Monarchy

Mike Chambers


Mother Jones

My Brotherz Keeper

News Spider (decent news aggregator)


Newsy (Multisource video news analysis)

Nuclear News


Occupy Corporatism

Open Secrets

Oracle Broadcasting Network

Outside the Beltway

Policy Pointers (policy research from various think tanks)

Press TV


Public Intelligence

Real News Network


Rogue Government

Rumor Mill News

Russia Today (RT)

Source Watch (check out prominent media figures, news networks, and organizations)

Stop NATO News (also offers a free daily mailing list, highly recommended)


The Aviationist

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Daily Bail

The Front

The Girl Against Fluoride

The International Human Press

The People’s Voice (heavy liberal bias)

The Sovereign Independent

The Volokh Conspiracy

Threat Level

Truth is Treason

Truth Out


Uncover the News

USA Watchdog

Vigilant Citizen

VOA News

Voice of Russia

War On You (Forums)

Washington’s Blog

Wayne Madsen Report

Why in the World are They Spraying?



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