Cameron accused of betraying Christians: Astonishing Easter attack on the PM by former Archbishop of Canterbury

Daily Mail -

  • Lord Carey accused ministers of ‘aiding and  abetting’ the discrimination
  • Poll: More than two-thirds of Christians  feel they’re a ‘persecuted minority’

Many Christians doubt David Cameron’s  sincerity in pledging to protect their freedoms, former Archbishop of Canterbury  George Carey says today.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Lord Carey  squarely accuses ministers of ‘aiding and abetting’ discrimination against  Christians.

He says he believes there is an ‘aggressive  secularist and relativist approach’ behind the Government plans to legalise gay  marriage and says the Prime Minister has ‘done more than any other recent  political leader’ to ‘feed’ Christian anxieties.

As a dramatic new poll released on the eve of  Easter Sunday revealed that more than two-thirds of Christians feel they are now  part of a ‘persecuted minority’, Lord Carey insists the Government must do more  to demonstrate its commitment to pledges to stand up for faith.

The survey suggests churchgoers increasingly  feel religious freedoms are under assault from aggressive secularism.

Critics say court rulings against Christians  who want to wear crosses at work, and legal action preventing prayers before  council meetings, have helped make people feel marginalised.

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