Why the Future of Ireland may be Silver


Ireland could become totally independent and wealthy if every of the 1.65 million households would just own 20 ounces of silver.

If the Irish people keep buying silver at this rate; it may be possible to reach this goal. Below we outline the historical purchasing power of silver, the Irish wealth and why Ireland could become the Silver Star.

The Historical purchasing power of Silver

When a paper-currency fails a new currency is born, with existing debt and savings “adjusted” to the new currency. It’s needless to say that during this phase bank savings and almost all investments are wiped out.

Observing the current movements there is a high chance that gold will (in full or in part) return into the monetary system. Historically gold and silver have always been used as money. Silver (and sometimes in smaller fractions copper) was the money in circulation in the natural ratio of 1:10. One ounce of gold equaled 10 ounces of silver.

Back to Roman Times

The average person in the Roman Empire earned 240 denarius per year. The denarius was a silver coin that weighed between 3.4 and 3.9 grams.

The Denarius Silver Coins from the Roman Empire
240 Denarius multiplied by 3.7 grams makes 888 grams of silver per year and per person to buy food, drink, shelter, and clothes; in short to make a living.

Let’s assume the average person worked 52 weeks per year, six days per week. That brings the average daily salary to 2.8 grams of silver. We can round it up a bit and say 1/10th oz of silver made you a basic living 2000 years ago. (1/10th oz = 3.11 grams)

That means in modern terms you would need 365 days times 1/10 oz silver = 36.5 oz of silver per year per person.

36.5oz of silver that was needed 2,000 years ago is in today’s term around 900 Euro. I would like to meet the person who manages to live, sit warm, and eat in Ireland for just 900 Euros per year. I would say the cost per person is closer to 9,000 Euro per person per year to make a basic living. We can see in this example that indeed silver – compared to the historic purchasing power – is extremely undervalued.

Undervalued because of

a)      the historical purchasing power of silver to today’s price is around 1:10
b)      the current gold/silver ratio with 1:56 shows a devaluation towards silver

In summary both the historical and current ratios confirm that silver is undervalued. It is alot of guesswork to speculate on how much silver will be worth in the future and if we will see gold and silver rising to the historical purchasing power or not.

According to the most respected traders such as Max Keiser – a true silver expert – silver may rise to $100 per ounce in the near future.

We believe Silver is currently one of the most undervalued investments in today’s markets. If you have read the CelticGold’s article “How to make safe investments” (click on text to read) than you know that investing money is safe when the investment compared to other goods, commodities, stocks, etc. is undervalued.

The Silver Future of Ireland

Being in the bullion industry and providing Europe’s lowest prices on Silver we have a lot of Irish customers. Individual orders of 500 Ounce up to 5,000 Ounces of silver are quite common.

Many customers also buy in quantities of 100 coins (trading currently below 25 Euro per coin), add orders over time and then ship in quantities of 500 – 1000 coins.

Let’s imagine all the debt is gone, the Euro is history and by the time these things happen every Irish household would have only 20 one ounce silver coins.

With 1,658,000 households in Ireland that would mean 33 million ounces. In theory every man, woman and child could live for 6 months without hassle at the time the Euro falls apart.


And this is simply with 20 oz which is a 500 Euro investment per household. Even this tiny investment will protect and save your wealth. It’s exactly as Jim Rickards said in a recent interview with CCTV (http://gold.celticgold.eu/p_en/news/jim-rickards-on-the-eu-economic-crisis.html) even buying one gold coin will protect your assets.

The average total wealth per person in Ireland is just below 100,000 Euro; so the idea of the silver abundant and egalitarian Ireland is really not far away. It’s just 0.5% of the average wealth moving from savings into physical metal.


How would you feel, living in a country that can live of its savings for six months?

I would feel pretty good.


3 Responses to Why the Future of Ireland may be Silver

  1. Ger April 22, 2013 at 9:05 am

    And yet, the general advice is buy gold rather before silver. So which is the best option? If silver is so undervalued, is it not the better investment in the long run? Why is gold promoted so much more than silver? I have some gold coins. Would I be wise to trade some in for silver?

    P.S. How would 1 gold coin, “protect one’s savings”

  2. thegoldman April 22, 2013 at 11:13 am

    Dear Ger,

    Jim Sinclaire, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable trader on this planet said in a recent New York seminar one shouldn’t swap between gold and silver; so maybe keep what you have. If you have spare cash to invest… then buy both.

    The silver market is tiny compared to gold and therefore more volatile, which means prices fluctuate more heavy up and down. In addition there is vat (unless you buy through Estonia) on silver in Europe which makes it for the investor less attractive.

    Jim Rickards put this idea forward to buy one gold coin to protect ones savings in a recent interview. How this works is that gold will also be the money of choice when everything else collapses and hyperinflation sky rocks. The value of bank savings will be wiped out but the price of gold goes up which then offers a protection as you can use this gold to make a living and buy food and such.

    All the best,
    The Goldman

  3. Ger April 22, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Dear Goldman,

    Thank you for clarifying.


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