Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd encourages public to challenge criminal behaviour

Borehamwood & Elstree Times -

Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has called on members of the public to intervene when they witness crimes taking place.

David Lloyd spoke of a 50 per cent decline in public intervention in crimes over the last decade which “leaves our society at risk”.

Speaking at his first annual lecture at the University of Hertfordshire on Monday (April 15) evening, the Police and Crime Commissioner spoke of an incident in the north of the county where members of the public cheered on a group of youths as they assaulted police officers outside a nightclub.

He said: “The decline in public intervention leaves our society at risk.

“Evidence shows that citizen’s arrests have declined by half over the past ten years.

“This is fuelled by fear of the consequences not simply from the criminal’s reaction but a lack of certainty that the police will support these actions.

“I am not saying that everyone should intervene in every instance.


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