“There is no justification for the statement that Smart Meters are safe” ~ Dr David Carpenter

Stop Smart Meters -

In the following clip, physician and former Director at the New York State Department of Health Dr David O. Carpenter shines a light on a major problem associated with Smart Meters – their impact on our health.

The question to ask… is what is the evidence that smart meters are safe and have no adverse health effects?  The answer to that questions is: there is no such evidence. In fact, while no-one has actually done human health studies in relation to people living in homes with Smart Meters, we have evidence from a whole variety of other sources of radio-frequency exposure that demonstrates convincingly and consistently that exposure to radio-frequency radiation at elevated levels for long periods of time increases the risk of cancer, increases the damage to the nervous system, causes electro-sensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects, and a variety of other effects on different organ systems. There is no justification from the State Department that Smart Meters have no adverse health effects.

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