The modern-day ‘slave class’ is anyone who cannot do math… and that’s about 95% of the population

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Throughout human history, most slavery has been enforced physically — with  whips and chains. You either did what you were told or they beat you into  submission.
Most modern people mistakenly believe slavery has been  largely eradicated across our world. They don’t see people shackled in chains or  being ordered what to do by their owners. Modern culture no longer accepts overt  slavery, right? …Or does it?
As it turns out, slavery is alive and  well on our planet, and its shackles are made of numbers, not steel. Those  who are enslaved under this new system are people who fail to understand simple  math: numbers, compounding interest, loans, investments and so on. You show me a  person who can’t do math, and I’ll show you someone who functions as a slave to  the system.
In this article, I show you how to escape mathematical  slavery and live as a free person. But first, you need to understand how  mathematical slavery really works.
Let’s begin with WAGES.


There’s a good reason why people who earn incomes reported on IRS  W-2 forms are often called “wage slaves.” It’s not a derogatory term; it’s more  of a cry for help. “Help! I’m a slave to my paycheck and I can’t get  ahead!”
There’s a reason you can’t get ahead: the banks and the  government have fine-tuned your “payments” to them (taxes, loans, fees, etc.) in  order to extract the maximum amount from your paycheck while leaving you so  little of your own that you can never get ahead enough to stop  working.
Your car payment and house payment, for example, are precisely  calculated to make sure you can’t pay either of them off ahead of schedule.  They’re mathematically selected to guarantee you can only “squeak by” and barely  pay more than the monthly interest, thereby extending your loan principles into  the far distant future.
Mathematically impaired people,  of course, don’t even know the difference between the “interest” and “principle”  sections of a loan repayment schedule. Hence, they do not realize they can  actually save themselves a small fortune on their home loans by making HALF the  normal payment TWICE as often (every two weeks instead of once a month,  essentially). This costs you nothing extra but can save as much as $100,000 or  more on the life of a home loan.
Wage slaves genuinely believe that the  parts of their paycheck “withheld” by the government are needed to run the  government. This delusion has been hammered into their heads for so long that  they simply cannot come to grips with the reality: the government can create  all the money it needs to  fund itself. It does not need to take it from taxpayers. The entire purpose  of the tax code is not to raise money but to control the wage  slaves.

Home loans

Mathematically impaired individuals really get “taken to the  bank” when it comes to home loans. Through the entire process of getting loan  pre-approval, making an offer on an house, having the offer accepted and then  closing the home to make it “yours,” these people are getting royally screwed up  one side and down the other.
For starters, they do not understand that  they are paying (a loan origination fee) for the “right” to pay a bank over 200%  more than their house actually cost. Yep, if you take out a 30-year home loan at  any interest rate exceeding 5.5%, you actually end up paying for your home  TWICE in terms of total payments to the bank.
And don’t even get me  started on variable rate loans, “interest only” loans and other scammy vehicles  that keep people financially enslaved.

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