School pupils should be taught ‘not all porn is bad’, advise experts

The Telegraph -

Teachers should be aware that “not all pornography is bad” when taking sex
education classes, according to guidance made available to schools.

A publication released by a group of health and children’s charities says that teachers should bear in mind that pornography is “hugely diverse”.

Pupils as young as 11 should be taught the dangers of “sexting” and five-year-olds should know how airbrushing in the media creates unrealistic body image expectations, it says.

Older pupils aged 14 upwards should tackle “real” and “unreal” behaviour in pornography, says the guide, which directs teachers to a list of online resources they can use in lessons.

It suggests using a website called, an advice forum for young people, which tells teenagers that “porn can be great” and aims to tackle a series of “myths” about the subject. “Sex is great. And porn can be great. It’s the idea that porn sex is like real sex which is the problem,” says the website. “But if you can separate the fantasy from the reality you’re much more likely to enjoy both.”

The guide was published by the Sex Education Forum (SEF), a coalition of more than 90 organisations, including the NSPCC and Barnardo’s, established to campaign for better lessons in the subject.

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