The Daniel Project

Five years research, two years in the making, an acclaimed and gripping 90 min feature length documentary for our time. The Daniel Project is a genuine investigative documentary that puts ancient predictions under a journalistic microscope and presents this astonishing subject in a unique format that is both entertaining and challenging.


2 Responses to The Daniel Project

  1. Charles Magus May 2, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    You have to understand that the Bible was the Greatest manipulated manuscript in History! You have Money Changers who Hated the figure we know as Jesus, (Not Real Name)who Infiltrated the Religious institution that built up around him. Once completely in control of the Roman Catholic Church, the Money Changers wanted to create a bible that would push the agenda of these evil money changer Jews. They elevated the Jewish Race to almost God Status! The Jews who were the outcasts of Every Culture they came across & for Good Reason, suddenly became God’s Chose ones, who nobody could speak out against. What they don’t tell you is that most of their History in the Bible is distorted lies and Mis-information that only benefit these Deceiving Jews and that their God was actually a Demonic Non-Physical Enitity which today we would call Satan.(Not All Jews went along with the demands of this entity) but predictions that were made in the bible would be made to happen by the Descendants of these money Changers to fulfil the Bible Prophesies. It is not a prediction when they engineer what is a blueprint to happen. We are being fooled and have been fooled by this division of humanity for thousands of years. They are really at war with every single gentile in this world and their aim is to carry out their master’s plan. (This is not the plan of every single Jew, but a small handful that controls the larger whole. Torah Jews (peacefulJews) rejected the Pharisees Jews agenda. You also have Converted Jews that were part of the Khazar Empire that became the Khazarian Jews. Ashkenazi Jews were a branch from the Khazars, but they both followed the agenda of the Pharisees Jews who follow their God. See PDF Documents

    The Synagogue of Satan


    The Protocals of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    Both are sickening Testaments to this Jewish Agenda.

    The zionists deny the latter document to be fake, but everything it says is being carried out by them to the letter. They denied having attacked the USS Liberty until a Russian Ship caught them in the act of trying to kill every US Witness to the attack which was going to be blamed on Egypt and Syria to draw America into a war with these innocent nations.

    Look throughtout history to see more of these false flag events that these Jews staged and blamed on other nations! Look at the Lavon affair. 9/11 and the Dancing Israelis! (Dressed as Arabs filming the Planes hitting the towers just before they hit!) Also another white Van Packed with 1 and a half tons of Explosives, destined for the New York Tunnel! Only they were caught by the police before they could place them and set them off. All Wars are Banskters(Zionist Rothschild Jews) wars.

  2. Charles Magus May 2, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    The Zionist Ashkenazi Jews known as the Rothschilds created, funded and were the Nazis of Germany, no Jews were ever gassed in any gas Chambers as the whole thing was one sick Hoax which they used to gain world Sympathy so that they could steal Palestine. They placed the Torah Jews in the Camps as zionists and Torah Jews were Diametrically opposed to each other. The Torah Jews did not support a state of Israel and they did not support zionism! We have been defrauded by the Money Changer Jews for thousands of years! Everything that comes out of their mouths is opposite to what they say! When they say that they have been persecuted, they persecuted European Children by torturing them to death with very thin blades that made small holes over the entire body of the child so as to cause maximum suffering and lingering Death. Once Europeans found out about what these Jews were doing, they were banned from the Country, not Executed as they should have been, but banned! All because the bible raised their status to almost untouchable beings of God. I once foolishy believed in the goodness of all races, But unfortunately I was seriously wrong in that regard. Yes, there are Good decent Jews out there, but Rothschild Jews are the most brutal and unempathic creatures on Earth. They are indoctrinated from Birth to actually believe that they are superior to every other beings on Earth! They should realize that we are all one. But they don’t. Where else have you heard of beings who thought that they were superior in every way? The Nazis!! That is because the Nazis and the Zionists are one and the very same. There were 150,000 zionists within the Nazi war machine and most of them were within the SS. It is not surprising that you see the modern Israeli soldier behaving as bad if not worse than the Nazis, because now they are unrestrained to show utter contempt for human live, because now they have complete control of all the Media.


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