Bilderberg Bartering? Departing Italian PM Unwittingly Shows Compromising Letter

Explosive Reports -

Bilderberg 2012 participant and newly appointed Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta apparently wrote a letter to departing PM Mario Monti, who in turn unwittingly showed it to the press.

Letta’s signature on his recent appointment as Prime Minister of Italy hardly dried or a photograph catches Monti unwittingly presented a letter pointing to bartering in respects to who will be given what position in Letta’s new cabinet, both officially and privately.

The letter, appearing to contain words written by Letta directed at the former prime minster Mario Monti, was obviously shown to the press by the departing PM by accident. Although the letter was presented upside-down, a simple rotation revealed the text, reading as follows:

Mario, when can you tell me the forms and ways that I can be useful, both officially (Bersani asks me e.g. to interact on the question of vice) and privately. For now it seems to me a miracle! And then miracles exist!

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