Eat the Elephant

Hi Folks … some stuff on learning, talks and school.

You probably already know that Education is the Key that turns ALL locks.
For those contemplating starting down the road to educate yourself in law,
a very good place to start (big hint) looking for the law pertaining to dealing
with Debt Collectors, Banks, Solicitors, County Councils, Revenue, the Courts,
the Sheriff and in some cases An Garda Siochana, would be to look at and
review the following bits of legislation: The Data Protection Acts; Freedom
of Information Act; The Non-fatal Offences Against The Persons Act; Central
Bank Reform Act and the Rules and Orders of the Courts.

The above Acts & Statutes etc. and more are available on: ; ; ; a; ; and on

We know that reading and learning law is not the easiest thing in the world to do.
To be honest it is not the easiest thing in the world for us to do either. It does &
will require a certain level of dedication, perseverance and study time. Do not
expect to get any of this stuff all at once.

As they say … “the best way to eat an Elephant is one bite at a time”.

In most cases the law is there for you, and there is something there in law that
WILL help you. It WILL help you in getting/coming through most matters relatively
unscathed. In my own humble opinion & in having to deal with ALL of the above
named parties from time to time, what they ALL FEAR most is being exposed.

“FEAR is the Weapon of Mass Destruction”.
The word F.E.A.R. is synonymous with the phrase “False Evidence Appearing Real”.
In my experience it should be read that F.E.A.R. stands for “False Education Applied
Repeatedly”. You will read, and hear repeatedly through main-stream media and
from certain “Professionals” of the things that you cannot do, and similarly of the
things that the above named parties can do, if you don’t comply or do what you are told.

This is a False Education Applied Repeatedly and often, and more to the point,
most of it is lies designed to keep you stagnant and to prevent you from thinking
too deeply or reading too critically into what they are really saying or writing. You
have the authority to literally write your own destiny, to Self-Determine and to Self-Govern.

Start this process today:
Download the above referenced documents. Print the documents off if you can,
and get the highlighters and pens out. Make or set aside some quite time to
Critically read this material. You may not get a full grasp of it on first reading.
Although after you have read it critically three or four times, you will be streaks
ahead of most high street Solicitors, and that is a good place to be.


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