Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - ‘When the Music Stops’

The metals were hit with a fairly determined bear raid today for two reasons:

a) it was a Non-Farm Payrolls day with a weak number (as I suggested last night)
b) it was a Friday.

In the late stages of a system in decay, there is a great deal of formula and ritualization in what were once considered meaningful actions.

That is it. Nothing more, nothing less.   It was as expected.   Nothing has changed.

People underestimate the depths of greed and uncaring selfishness that predominate in the cultures on Wall Street and, unfortunately, in the government and even universities.   And the love of many will grow cold…

They know what they are doing.  They do not care.  To the extent that they bother to look ahead, they think that when the time comes, they will stick you with their losses.

Have a pleasant weekend.


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