The creative versus the machine

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The great obsession of the 20th century was organization, and it continues.

Form a goal, put people together, and give them separate tasks that add up to forwarding the goal. Yes, it’s a strategy as old as the hills, but in the last hundred years the drive to expand the numbers has taken over.

Corporations, governments, churches, non-profits, foundations, armies.

Consolidate. Combine. Bigger is better.

Of course, when leaders of these modern mammoths keep fine-tuning specialized jobs within their structures, the human workers come, more and more, to resemble machine parts.

If these jobs are creative, a toaster is painting Rembrandts.

But that doesn’t concern the captains of their organized ships. It’s all about output, products sold, performance graphs, worker loyalty and compliance.

In such environments, “creative” is just a slogan.

As society operates, more and more, by a contagion of systems, people think in those terms. Coordination. Organization.

There are experts ready, at the drop of hat, to move in and explain why society must run this way.

But the individual doesn’t think so. He may comply, he may bow down, but he isn’t a believer.

He doesn’t worship at the altar of efficiency. He doesn’t care about “the inevitable” super-organization of civilization. He’s got one eye open looking for a way out.

The individual may not talk about his soul or believe he has one, but he wants freedom, even if he has no idea what he’d do with it.

The individual may convince himself that small pleasures are his only option, until the day he’s lowered into the ground, but he feels something else, something more.

Of course, maturity is supposed to mean the individual gives up his impulse toward freedom, toward breaking out, but he doesn’t care about that. He may pretend he cares, but he doesn’t.

No amount of pressure or brainwashing is going to work. He still wants to feel alive and free.

People may tell him that power is a bad thing, that it’s selfish and greedy and “unevolved,” but he wants it. He wants, not the outward appearance of it, but the inner energy. The inner force.


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