New Kids Cartoon ‘SheZow’ Features Boy Turning Into Girl

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Hub, a cable channel for kids owned by Discovery and Hasbro, is hoping its new cartoon “SheZow” can turn the channel’s fortunes around.

Hub has struggled to gain viewers since its debut in 2010, but it’s betting a 12-year-old boy named “Guy” who transforms into a female superhero, complete with a purple skirt and cape, pink gloves and white go-go boots, will change that.

To become a female superhero, Guy uses his magic ring and says the words “You go girl!”

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6 Responses to New Kids Cartoon ‘SheZow’ Features Boy Turning Into Girl

  1. Ire 8 June 12, 2013 at 9:41 am

    Transhmanists normalising depopulation.

    Gay lib, childrens lib, eco lib, women’s lib, transexual lib. It’s castration, turning us all into sterile eunuchs so we can’t have babies to educate about the “New World Order”.

    Equality? You’re all being brainwashed, standardised and used, you suckers. Get angry!

  2. End time servant June 12, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    No end to sin God is not pleased

  3. Diane June 12, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    What boy wouldn’t want to be a girl, boys are a genetic dead end anyway! Who is to blame for this state of affairs? Boys and their fathers of course. Boys these days would rather be on the play station all day (and all night) than be out in the woods making swings, lighting camp fires, cycling, making catapults and generally acting like ‘natural’ boys.Fathers are out making money to make mortgage payments rather than spending time with their sons, likewise mothers are not spending time with daughters, passing on all that knowledge. But mothers and fathers have very little knowledge to pass on! How many men can fit a shelf? How many women can cook a meal from clean honest ingredients? If you want to see who created this problem, just look in the mirror! That said, we do need to create and inclusive society based on parity of esteem, so that gay kids, trans kids and tomboys can feel valued and not excluded. Its time to grow up folks!

  4. fraz1971 June 13, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Where are all these gay and trans kids Diane? I don’t think that they really exist. The few which may exist are a symptom of the problem and a result of the lunacy of SheZow. They are victims of the counter culture being spewed from the television set. I wouldn’t be mean to one of them, but I would rather not have them in my home or around my children.

    As for who is to blame, speak for yourself. I doubt that the problem is as bad as we would be led to believe. I forgot, it’s not a problem, it should be embraced. Every parent longs for the day that their son tells them that they are really a girl and want to buy children who are stolen from poor people.

    Apart from the lunatic celebrity types, it’s a non issue. The media are trying to create norms, not portray them. For now, ignore the crap. I found my children watching Ed Ed and Eddy on Cartoon Network years ago and I called Sky to cancel within five minutes of seeing that junk.

    • Diane June 13, 2013 at 4:33 pm

      First question; why do you watch TV at all? TV is the idiot’s lantern, we got rid of ours four years ago and stopped paying the license. The TV is a bullshit pump in the corner of the room. As to your comments on gay and trans kids, they are more common than has been though, and far from them being a symptom of the ‘problem’ as you say, they have always been there, this phenomenon is nothing new and has been alluded to throughout history. No, what you have here is something different I think, kids programs per se are meant to alter kids perceptions in line with the prevailing agenda of the elitists and their corporations. 37% of Irish kids are obese, why is that? Because they are eating rubbish full of MSG and aspartame and as I pointed out kids don’t go climbing trees anymore. People have to start taking serious issues seriously!

  5. Ire 8 June 13, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    NO! it’s an androgynous political agenda being pushed on children everywhere and it has to be stopped.

    Normal Peter and Jane.

    New communist “normal” Peter and Jane.


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