Inspiration And Etheric Energy Work

by Wendy Datta

In loving memorial of Stuart Wilde, September 24, 1946 - May 1, 2013.

Considered by some to be one of the world’s greatest metaphysicians, whose love, healing and compassion for people, nature and the animals touched many hearts on a global scale and brought about real change for the better.

Energy Work And Healing

Wendy Datta offers energy work sessions both hands on and remote sessions for animals and people. The energy/etheric clearance work Wendy does can heal by assisting self-healing.

The  etheric  energy work referred to in the  website of Wendy Datta, was encouraged and inspired by Stuart Wilde.

Wendy Datta has a unique ability to work with animals and people on a multidimensional level. Perceiving the subtle etheric field, Wendy reads energy codes and signatures within the subtle etheric body. Having trained with Khris Krepcik of and Stuart Wilde to develop her own natural healing abilities, she can provide remote energy clearing from any physical distance. As an “animal whisperer”, Wendy communicates intuitively with the inner feelings of animals, often building closer relationships between animals and their owners.

Etheric  Clearings

Everthing  is energy, what people think and feel affects them. Wendy uses her  intuitive and visionary abilities to help clear energy blocks.

Just as enzymatic processes in living organisms have been described as working akin to a lock and key, Wendy’s etheric clearings can work as a key to overcome emotional blockages, created by life’s knocks, the human mind and its emotions.

The etheric clearings work to speed up a person’s vibrational rate, which  means they can experience deep changes and beneficial energy shifts in both their  physical emotional and spiritual self. Its  a holistic  approach.

Animals also benefit from the energy work that Wendy offers for a range of conditions, physical, psychological or emotional.

Animals absorb energies from people which can cause them to be distressed and or physically sick. Wendy has worked with many rescue animals at sanctuaries and with new owners helping to clear these energies.

Pets can absorb the energy of their owners in various ways and it can be helpful for people to clear their own energy, to assist their pets.  Stuart Wilde produced a fascinating video “The  Spiritual  Evolution Of  Dogs” which seems relevant to this point.

At its deepest level, nature and all reality is made up of geometries and mathematics that we call “Fractal Codes”

When a human or an animal gets sick, the fractal codes in the cells of their body go black and the symmetry breaks. Wendy works to assist the restoration of  the natural balance in the codes of the animals and people.

Stuart Wilde Taught About  Reverence And The  3 Graces

The  multi-dimensional world extends beyond the 3-dimensional model of reality which means that we are not as limited and restricted as we think… overthinking can cause confusion, give us headaches and drive us crazy.

The ancient Taoist Sages  whom  Stuart  taught  about ,revered the purity and beauty of nature,  an energy that refreshes and gives people  respite  from  cares and worries,   over  thinking, so taking time out in nature is highly recommended for everyone.

Even in an urban environment one can connect with nature and grow pot plants and herbs.  By “being” in nature, and having a regard, a reverence for the spirit of nature “Gaia”, we  can  experience  the beauty of it all and can feel a true appreciation  for  what  we  have in our lives.

People can actually work to clear and enhance their own energy and help their  animals.  People by themselves and  also those  who wanted  help with  their animals  report feelings of calm and peace after etheric clearance with Wendy Datta.

None of us are perfect,  and if we want things to change for the better, to have more loving kindness in this world, then we need to evolve ourselves by trying to express sincerely those qualities that Stuart taught about  the 3  Graces ; Tenderness, Generosity and Respect which will herald in the Brave New World.

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