Cancer prevention: A traditional approach

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The best time to treat a pattern of imbalance is long before it becomes a  degenerative disease. That dreadful constellation of imbalances that we call  cancer does not appear overnight. The diagnosis of cancer is preceded by a long  history of physical and energetic influences and disharmonies. It takes on  average 86 months for an atypical cell to develop into a carcinoma in situ on  the human cervix, for example.

The best medicine is the one that observes  and neutralizes the imbalance early on. The best medicine prevents all that  suffering and disease before it happens. Sooner or later, yes, the human body  will die. It is subject to the same laws as the leaves composting in the yard.  The practice of preventative medicine, however, can and will extend the quality  and duration of our time by treating the body before big trouble  begins.

The most effective practice of preventative medicine combines  empirical knowledge about the cause and treatment of disease with a rational  understanding of how the body works. We have observed over time that a  particular medicine gets rid of a particular disease. We have observed over time  that a particular substance causes a particular imbalance. This kind of  empirical information is important for anyone interested in staying  well.

Traditional Medicine like the oriental medical system, not only  draws upon empirical knowledge but it also sees the body as a complex  cooperative process. Disease then can be caused by a disharmony in any aspect of  the bodily system. Thus a problem in the liver can cause a problem in the  ovaries. A problem in the spleen can cause a problem in the lungs. This kind of  rational understanding of the human body  combined with our empirical knowledge allows us to develop an early warning  system for future disease and effective strategies for our practice of  preventative medicine.

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