“Children Are Dying”

Washingtonian -

Special report: Because of nationwide shortages, Washington hospitals are rationing, hoarding, and bartering critical nutrients premature babies and other patients need to survive. Doctors are reporting conditions normally seen only in developing countries, and there have been deaths. How could this be allowed to happen?

When the hospital monitor chimes again, Atticus’s parents stop talking and look up         at the screen. A light blinks an ominous red as the baby’s breathing rate falls. This         alarm lasts much longer than the previous two. Catherine and Byron spring to the foot         of Atticus’s bassinet and rub his feet. “Make sure you breathe,” Catherine tells her         11-week-old son. She and her husband keep one eye on the baby while watching the monitor.         Atticus coughs.

The chiming continues, a gentle sound at odds with the red flashes. The calm of the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) can be deceptive. Just minutes ago, Catherine explained, “You hear ‘beep beep.’ It’s really subtle, but then you see people running down the hall and you hold your breath.”


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