Carbon Tax Scam: Biggest Transfer of Wealth in History

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David Knight is joined via Skype by member of the UK Independence Party, Lord Christopher Monckton to discuss the ongoing research showing that Global warming is a falsity being pushed across the world for economic means through mediums such as carbon taxes.


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3 Responses to Carbon Tax Scam: Biggest Transfer of Wealth in History

  1. Ire 8 July 24, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Lord Monckton in denial of GeoEngineering / Chemtrails

  2. Diane July 25, 2013 at 9:47 am

    It may be a scam, indeed it is, but our rotten government is going along with it!

  3. Dayrl July 26, 2013 at 10:25 am

    True Diane but if you look Ireland was the first to bring in the smoking ban nation wide, first to the bag tax, first in the carbon tax and first in implementing all the EU/US silly rules….Ireland it all starts here so kill it here, Ireland is the worlds petri dish for social experiments and the crazy law bunch.

    One more thing just came to light, the TV licence and this new broadcasting licence is against “the free movement of goods and services act and a directive that was sent out in 2001, it all started with a satellite dish in Belgium and one man’s fight against a TAX on it much like the TV licence here, buy a TV get a licence or yearly TAX on it …….use the EU’s powers against its supporters…your government..pass on the info. It is also against another law or two when measured against them. It is also against the constitution but the first 3 letters of that word bother me CON…..its gives you rights you already had……another illusion……we are all born free up to the point of birth registration were our parents become “informants” to the state……we use to get added to the birth scroll….now its the registration office, what are they registering a car, or some other object of taxation…….no, YOU….you are the nations slave now, with a birth cert number (use to be used on slaves when selling them and boats too), pps number, passport number and a host of many other numbers you will go by in your life… would be hard to make this up only for I don’t have to it’s true and out there to see and read up on. Look up maritime law, boats,slaves and their transfer of ownership…..maritime law got put on to the people of the land as it is a control mechanism, it worked so well on ships and their transfer of goods and slaves that the elite of the day decided to put it on the dumb people by……..FREEING THEM……greatest scam bar religion.


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