GMO-Riddled ‘Lucky Charms’ Makes it to UK Supermarket, Parents Outraged

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In the U.S., we tend to live in a bit of a bubble, accepting everything we  are exposed to on a daily basis as normalcy. We forget it isn’t the same in  other countries around the world. Case in point: Lucky Charms, an  artificially-colored, GMO-riddled cereal popular in the U.S., recently made its  way to U.K. store shelves, and parents are outraged.

Lucky Charms, made by GM, is a common breakfast cereal here in the U.S. I  imagine many older individuals reading this now thought its blue moons, yellow  diamonds, and green clovers were the best thing that ever happened to breakfast  growing up. Older and wiser, however, many of us won’t let our children touch  the product. Still, Lucky Charms remains one of the top-selling cereals on the  market, and it has recently debuted overseas to a less-than-thrilled market.

“Imported Lucky Charms can have adverse effects on children’s behavior,” said  an  article originally printed in Britain’s Daily  Mail. “It is marketed as nutritious, but contains four suspect colourings,” they warn.

The cereal recently showed up on shelves of Tesco grocery stores, a chain of  stores that bans genetically modified ingredients in their own store-brand, but  obviously has no problems selling genetically modified imports from the country  who does GMOs best.

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