Transsexual, 44, elects to die by euthanasia after botched sex-change operation turned him into a ‘monster’

Daily Mail -

  • Nathan Verhelst, 44, born Nancy, was  disappointed with sex-change results
  • His life was ended by the same doctor who  euthanised deaf twins last year
  • Comes after Belgian euthanasia cases  jumped 25 per cent in one year
  • It is now the cause of nearly one in 50  deaths in the country

A Belgian transsexual has chosen to die by  euthanasia after a botched sex change operation to complete his transformation  into a man left him a ‘monster’.

Nathan Verhelst, 44, died yesterday afternoon  after being allowed have his life ended on the grounds of ‘unbearable  psychological suffering’.

It is understood to be the first time someone  in Belgium has chosen euthanasia after a sex-change, and comes soon after it  emerged that it is now the cause of nearly one in 50 deaths in the  country.

Mr Verhelst died after a lethal injection  administered by the same doctor who last year ended the lives of congenitally  deaf twins who were also going blind.
Born a girl named Nancy, his transformation  into a man began with hormone therapy in 2009, followed by a mastectomy and  finally an operation to construct a penis last year.

But the procedures did not go according to  plan.

In the hours before his death he told  Belgium’s Het Laatse Nieuws:  ‘I was ready to celebrate my new birth. But when I looked in the mirror, I was  disgusted with myself.

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