An evil legacy and why we won’t apologise

Daily Mail -

Red Ed’s in a  strop with the Mail. Doubtless, he’s miffed that his conference was overshadowed  by the revelations of his former friend, the spin doctor Damian McBride,  serialised in this paper, which exposed the poisonous heart of the Labour  Party.

Nor did he see the funny side when we  ridiculed the yucky, lovey-dovey photographs of him and his wife, behaving like  a pair of hormonal teenagers in need of a private room.

But what has made him vent his spleen — indeed, he has stamped his feet and demanded a right of reply — is a Mail  article by Geoffrey Levy on Saturday about the Labour leader’s late father,  Ralph, under the arresting headline ‘The Man Who Hated Britain’.

Of course, it was not the Mail that first  drew the prominent Marxist sociologist Professor Ralph Miliband — a man who was  not averse to publicity — into the public arena. This was the decision of his  son who, for two years running, has told Labour conferences how his refugee  father fled Nazi persecution to Britain.

More pertinent still, McBride argues that  Miliband Jnr is obsessed with maintaining Ralph’s legacy.

Winning the leadership, he writes, was Ed’s ‘ultimate tribute’ to his father — an attempt to ‘achieve his father’s  vision’.

With this testimony before us, from a former  Labour spin doctor who knew Mr Miliband inside out, the Mail felt a duty to lay  before our readers the father’s vision that is said to have inspired our  would-be next Prime Minister.

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