The Rights of the Children

An Equal Life for All -

When a child is born into this world… are their basic human rights provided to them? Are they ensured that they will be cared for properly? Are they ensured that they will have a home, health care, food and parents that are in a position to effectively support them in growing up in our world? Some yes - those with Money; money is currently the determining factor of what kind of life you live and whether you have access to any form of human rights. However, many no - because many within our world are not guaranteed money, and thus are not guaranteed access to basic human rights. Actually - no one is guaranteed basic human rights. We might think we are, and even the United Nations have so graciously placed words on a document saying that each and every human being does in fact have ‘inalienable’ rights as a human - that are the basic requirements in order to live a decent life on Earth. But is this guaranteed? No because money is what buys us that, and again, not all have access to enough in order to actually provide it for themselves. Basic Human rights are implied to be given freely, to All, as an understanding of what is required to survive in this world, and yet - this is not given.

The only guarantee that we have is if we make enough money, then we can buy ourselves the comforts that shelter us from a World that does not support any one’s Basic Right to Life.

And children are victims in our World and this acceptance.


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One Response to The Rights of the Children

  1. Charles Magus October 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    The Children’s Rights Referendum was nothing to do with Children’s Rights! It should have been called what it really was, a Government Rights over your Children Referendum! How many Irish would have voted for that if it was put to them like that?


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