Public Banking Forum of Ireland Power Point — “The Irish Debt Crisis: Time to Think Outside the Box”

Ellen Brown, Author of The Web of Debt, was in Ireland recently and here is a download of her presentattion to the people who were able to make the meetings.

Cheers to the recently-formed Public Banking Forum of Ireland!  Here is the power point version of several presentations done at their events this week –

public banking

Enjoy and comment please.

check out this comment from Ellens own website re; Ireland

Ellen, I just read the Public Banking Forum Ireland Power Point presentation.

I also just read an article this morning in my local German Newspaper about the U.S. Debt “Crisis”. They have a nice chart of U.S. sovereign bondholders. What d’ya know: Ireland has $117.9 Billion in U.S. Treasuries. A not inconsiderable sum.

Hmmm….seems like the Irish could pretty well take any of the paths outlined in the power point presentation….seems like they could capitalize their public bank with some serious money…if they just start discreetly selling those treasuries…

It definitely seems that Ireland has absolutely zero need for “austerity”.

Or we could deny having them and when the US collapses we bear the loss of those worthless treasuries and the misery gets worse for the citizens. Its all a ponzi scheme.


Download the powerpoint presentation ireland-power-point

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