FBI tells America: believe us and no one else

Jon Rappoport -

The implication is clear: there is official truth and then there is everything else. How many times has that assertion put America in the dumper?

As I write this, one suspect in the Marathon bombings is dead, and the other suspect is apparently surrounded in a house in Watertown, Massachsetts. (6:55AM, Pacific) The city of Boston is locked down.

Once events reach this point, an overwhelming number of people believe the authorities. They accept what is happening. The FBI must have it right. Reject all other possibilities.

That’s always a dangerous assumption.

Yesterday, at a heralded press conference, seen by millions around the world, Richard DesLauriers, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston division, produced photos and video of two suspects in the Marathon bombing.

He stated: “…these images should be the only ones, I emphasize, the only ones that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible, and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction, and create undo work for vital law-enforcement resources.”

Translation: Ignore all the images uncovered by independent researchers, citizen reporters, bloggers. Forget, for example, about photos of those men who appear to work for Craft International, a private security contractor, who were standing at the finish line of the Marathon. We, the FBI, are running this show. We’re the pros, we deal, you behave.

NBC’s Brian Williams, the Unctuous One, in his lead-in to the press conference, said: “It’s been twenty-four hours of fits and starts, and false reports on people who have been pursued in this investigation, including folks who have been identified through photography, but this will be the word from the FBI.”

Translation: The guessing is over. Drum roll. The F B I has the real goods. Those other photos aren’t officially certified by law-enforcement, or by us, the fawning water carriers for the Bureau and DHS. And that unfortunate and cruel detention of the Saudi lad, who was misidentified as a suspect, but later released, his travel visa now revoked, his deportation back to Saudi Arabia underway, after an unscheduled meeting between Obama and the Saudi foreign minister? Means nothing. We were informed by reliable sources that it means nothing. We decide what’s relevant, we give it to you and you take it.

Richard DesLauriers, who starred in the FBI press conference, made his bones at the Bureau by engineering the exchange of 10 Russian sleeper agents in the US for four CIA agents who were in prison in Russia. That was his big career move.

The Russian sleeper agents had been operating under the nose of the FBI in the US, who, in typical fashion, weren’t making any arrests. They were just tracking these Russian spies and watching them, for more than 10 years, as the spies passed across intelligence to their Russian controls.

This was a very delicate exchange, mainly because FBI field agents a) didn’t want to let the Russians go back home and escape prosecution and b) because the FBI and the CIA hate each other, and the FBI people weren’t all that enthused about the value of the deal. Bring home four CIA people in return for releasing 10 Russian sleeper agents? Nothing to celebrate there.

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2 Responses to FBI tells America: believe us and no one else

  1. ulsterman April 19, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    It is obvious now that the state police oops sorry police state has everything under control. The sceens on the tv are to say the least astonishing. Over weight thugs armed to the teeth holding a major US city hostage. Stay in your homes,nothing for you to see out here, this is for your own good. SICK,SICK,SICK.

  2. Anna Livia April 20, 2013 at 1:02 am

    Take everything they, the fbi, the cia, the american government with a grain of Salt.. The people in Europe no longer accept what they say as Truth, everything they utter is Suspect. I’m make no apology when I say and feel that America has the world upside down with their Paranoia, they are forever creating Enemies around the world for their People and their Government. I feel so sorry for the ordinary American citizen. Their country has turned into a Prison of constant Fear created by their government. Their are very Decent people in america but their voices are not heard by the media. I pray that you will think for yourselves instead of allowing your government to do it for you, Question More.



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