Bill O’Reilly attacks Alex Jones for Family Guy and Dan Bidondi for asking a question

Fox news is now officially a joke. Paul Joseph Watson at said from the beginning that they were two separate clips from the same episode, they edited them this way because what’s the alternative? Put the whole episode up? And after this went viral this Family Guy episode started getting pulled all over the ‘net. Juliet Huddy, who used to be cute before she got those terrible breast implants, at first starts to argue this but O’Reilly will have none of it. They don’t even tell the viewers what the story line for the second clip is, a cell phone used to blow up 2 bombs which was the same story in Boston? Hey Juliet, do your research and use some common sense.

Instead of spending the time on his show presenting the photo evidence of additional bomber suspects which had been circulating on the internet for 6-7 hours before his show went to air, he spends his time doing this? This is further proof that Fox News is not fair and balance, they want to play ball and conform to whatever official story the government puts out.

Fox News: We Distort, You Decide.


2 Responses to Bill O’Reilly attacks Alex Jones for Family Guy and Dan Bidondi for asking a question

  1. Charles Magus April 20, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    Bill O’Reilly Is the Biggest Zionist Arse-licker Whore on the planet!! He will defend any atrocity for a shackle!!! He can put Judas to shame!!! He must have been Abused as a child is all I can say!!

  2. Ger April 20, 2013 at 11:39 pm

    O’Reilly is a cruel and heartless individual who has treated guests to tirades of abuse and he is a mouthpiece for the establishment. It should be noted however that the family guy clip is fake and an edited piece completely out of context and misleading. I watched the episode and to link it to the incident in Boston is tenuous to say the least. I haven’t checked all the links, but versions 2,4,5 work fine as streams and 3 is a download. You can view them here:



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