EU politics: Crisis for “Europe”

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It must be of some significance that the loss-making Guardian - a fountain of British europhilia - today decides to feature on its front page the results of a Eurobarometer survey telling us that public confidence in the European Union has fallen to historically low levels in the six biggest EU countries.
With a degree of profound weariness, one also observes this newspaper telling us that the survey result raises “fundamental questions about its (the EU’s)  democratic legitimacy”, as if it had any democratic legitimacy to start with – which it doesn’t.
Strangely, though, we also have a situation where this Eurobarometer survey does not seem to have been published, with the Guardian, in collaboration with other leading newspapers in the other five countries, claiming exclusive rights – even though none of the others give the story the same prominence as the British counterpart.
Thus we have to trust the europhile Guardian accurately to inform us of a survey which is about – oddly – trust of the European Union, with the further handicap of the data having been analysed by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), which also has not published any details.
With that, we are led to believe that, “Euroscepticism is soaring to a degree that is likely to feed populist anti-EU politics and frustrate European leaders’ efforts to arrest the collapse in support for their project”.

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One Response to EU politics: Crisis for “Europe”

  1. Diane April 28, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    The Euro and the EU is well past its sell by date-time to chuck it in the bin and start again.
    We need to go back to come forward, firstly we need to get everyone a sustainable and comfortable standard of living-nothing excessive-just a decent shelter, nutritious food a reasonable means of transport and quality education and healthcare. After that, if people want ‘luxury items’ they pay for them at luxury prices. As it is now its back to front-as usual!



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