Weather radicalization worsening, global food supply at increased risk of regional failures

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If you live in the USA, you’re probably experiencing some of the effects of a cold weather front and multi-state blizzard that’s sweeping across much of North America. While the weather felt like summer just a few days ago, suddenly much of the upper Midwest is blanketed in snow and reeling from freezing temperatures.
As reports:
On the final two days of April, Amarillo, Texas saw temperatures rise well into the 90s. A record high temperature of 97 degrees was set on April 30. A little more than 24 hours later on the evening of May 1, temperatures in this Texas Panhandle city plummeted into the 30s before bottoming out at 33 degrees on the morning of May 2. The wind chill at the time was 19 degrees. adds:
A rare and historic May snowstorm continues to pelt Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin with snowfall amounts unprecedented in the historical record for the month of May. Rochester, Minnesota has received 7″ of snow, smashing their all-time May snowstorm record of 2″, set on May 4 - 5, 1944. Over 3″ of snow has fallen in Omaha, Nebraska, breaking their all-time May snowstorm record of 2″ on May 9, 1945. It was the first one-inch-plus May snowfall anywhere in the state of Iowa since 1967.
Topeka, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, and Des Moines, Iowa are all expected to get an inch or more of snow on Thursday through Friday. This would be only the second May snowstorm in recorded history for those cities.

But wait a sec, isn’t it May? Isn’t this supposed to be spring?

Weather radicalization is here

Welcome to the weird world of weather radicalization. We’re all watching it unfold right before our very eyes: extreme droughts, 500-year floods, fires and blizzards are all getting worse than anyone can remember. It’s not just that we have more technology to detect and report on these storms today; the storms are actually getting worse and more frequent.
Many theories attempt to explain the causes behind weather radicalization. Depending on whom you believe, this phenomenon is being caused by:
• Global warming and carbon dioxide emissions, all pointing to the need for global government to limit human activities in order to save the planet.
• HAARP weather control experiments being run by the government to destroy the global food supply and hijack power during the crisis.
• Solar weather effects having a greater impact on the planet due to the weakening magnetic fields that may also point to a “magnetic flip” in the near future.
• Chemtrails being sprayed into the atmosphere to alter global weather patterns.

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2 Responses to Weather radicalization worsening, global food supply at increased risk of regional failures

  1. ulsterman May 3, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    More fear mongering.

    • Diane Denizen May 3, 2013 at 9:39 pm

      Lets hope it is just that! The US wants to ‘own’ the weather by 2025 (How Godlike of them) however, I think what will transpire will be the opposite-Mother Nature ‘owning’ them. Human endevour is pretty shabby compared to what Mother Nature can and will do. Fuck with nature and nature will fuck you over like you don’t exist. These people doing this have no idea what they are drawing down on themselves, and us. If they get away with this and they can because they have the planes and the dimwit goons to fly them and the over paid truck drivers to deliver the shit ($15000 a trip apparently) then we are in for some hard times. The hole in the idea, well, some of us are one step ahead, They think they know it all-they don’t!



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