Suspicious About Micheal Hasting’s “Accidental” Death!

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This post outlines a plausible scenario in which Michael Hastings might have been murdered by the government altering the software in his car and auto accelerating his vehicle to his death. For more info on his death and the car accident, please refer to link below…

Journalist who exposed American military killed in car crash

I’m a computer programmer, I’m no conspiracy theorist or anything, but I think no item should be left unturned when investigating Hastings suspicious death. If the investigators don’t think of potential hypothetical scenarios, they will not be able to investigate for it. Here is a scenario…

All modern cars now days run on code, the code or “software” in his car could have been altered to ensure that once over a particular speed, it auto accelerates at full speed while the breaks are disabled and the car ends up crashing at some point. If you pull the handbrake, you’ll end up going sideways and crashing, if you don’t do that, you’ll end up hitting something at very high speed. Notice how the car exploded? That is not normal, and only “normal” for it to happen in the movies. The new Mercedes that Hastings was driving would be full of gadgets and sensor information will be available to the central computer/application programming interface (API), making it easy to alter or hack.

They should look for signs of accessing the computer in the car (usually underneath the driver’s seat or behind the steering wheel assembly) either using forced entry, cutting bits and pieces out from underneath the car to access it, or by getting a new key from the car distributor (sales outlet where he brought his car). Since the government can print copies of passports without issue, and produce the necessary points of ID, it’s easy to get a copy of the key from the car dealer (criminals even do this, that’s how they steal new model cars now). If they did this, it would leave a trace, if they used forced entry by cutting underneath the car, which would leave a trace.


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One Response to Suspicious About Micheal Hasting’s “Accidental” Death!

  1. Diane June 23, 2013 at 11:25 am

    Manning, Snowden and Hastings-the reality is that the lid is off Pandora’s box-that lid can never be replaced. Daly’s valid and accurate critique of Obama and the circus show around him-its all falling to bits for the establishment, so how will they get out of it? Escalation of tension in the Middle East, eventual war that will spread rapidly through to Europe, this would be my prediction. Nothing distracts people away from truth better than a war-especially a big one!



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