This is one more reason why Humanity is destroying itself - where are the voices of concern?

Editors Note :

Have we as a species become so debased that we now must organise and disseminate information on how to kill ourselves our weak, our old and our  disabled. Is this right? What is your opinion on all this? Is this part of the UN agenda of depopulation? Has anyone realised the massive attack on humanity and who in Gods earth is pushing this death cult agenda?

Does anyone care?

Public Meetings & Exit Workshops

(Assisted Suicide / Voluntary Euthanasia )

Exit Meetings are held in two parts.


1. Exit Public Meetings - These free & open 1/2 hour meetings discuss the legislative history & current political status of Assisted Suicide & Voluntary Euthanasia around the world.


2. Exit Workshops - These practical information sessions are based on The Peaceful Pill eHandbook & include Q&A.


Topics include:

    • Barbiturates: Online/ offline sources, testing, administration issues & warnings
    • Prescription/ Non-prescription Drugs: combinations & legal issues
    • Gases: Max Dog Nitrogen, Party Time Helium - the hypoxic death explained
    • Poisons: Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide, Detergents - risks, safety & legal issues
    • Suicide notes, death certificates, autopsies - need-to-know rights, obligations, insights 

All Exit Meetings & Workshops are presented by Dr Philip Nitschke.


Attendance at Exit Workshops is reserved for those over 50 years & people who are seriously ill.


To Register Click Here


Exit Workshops - 2013


Dublin, Ire

1 - 4pm, Saturday 29 June

Liberty Hall, Eden Quay



4 Responses to This is one more reason why Humanity is destroying itself - where are the voices of concern?

  1. John Thomas June 26, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    where is the outcry from the Catholic church? Oh thats right they are all on board with the murder of humans, they are sun worshipping satanists thats why, and they are behind the death cult agenda with the globalists, that said, the faith of Jesus is strong, it just dont reside with the catholic church anymore, if in fact it ever did, it would appear that only the die hard catholics cant see this, as they have too much time and faith vested in this institution who carried out the crusades wiping out their enemies murdering millions, yes cos thats what Christ would have wanted you see, any anyway, Christ said lets go set up a church of the faith where we can pay money to the church and we the high priests, can live like princes in gold palaces, away from the “faithfull” safe with all the knowledge locked away so as not to allow the truth, and to safeguard the faith, ahh yes the faith, the only faith that mob have is in the Vatican Bank deposits, Hmmm. Albert Pike would be proud of you, you took the sun worship hook line and sinker… Isis out!

  2. Lynda June 26, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    Yes, we should all be in uproar, particularly our political and Faith leaders, over this grave public affront to fundamental human rights, public morals, our Constitution, our culture, our very humanity.

    With respect to the criminal law, from merely the information in the public domain, it would appear that the elements of incitement to (or soliciting) murder (what “Exit” terms “voluntary euthanasia”) may very well be satisfied by the “workshops” planned. Furthermore, the offence of counselling suicide, contrary to s. 2 of the 1993 Act, would also appear (prima facie) to be satisfied by what is said by “Exit International” to take place at the “workshops”. Both these offences are inchoate and do not require a murder or suicide to actually be carried out. (The counselling suicide offence requires the DPP to be consulted before proceedings can be instituted.)

    Then there are possible offences regarding the information, advice and guidance on the use of particular toxic substances, or the use of equipment which is solely for the purpose of killing a person.

    Then there are possible offences such as conspiracy to corrupt public morals, outrage against public decency or equivalents.

    The Garda Siochana ought to be making investigations, including undercover were such a “workshop” to go ahead, and acting to prevent commission of serious crime.

  3. Diane June 26, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    Pretty shocking stuff! Assisted suicide, where does that lead us to? OK if you have terminal disease and pain is an issue where the pain can not be managed, then may be there is a case. Nothing should be included or excluded. Sane people must be allowed to decide on their own lives.

  4. Ire 8 June 27, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    The United Nations needs a sharp lethal injection…game over.

    “There, that didn’t hurt very much now did it”



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