The Alternative Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

This years Bilderberg meeting saw a dramatic increase in attention than in previous years from both mainstream media and protestors, with attendees exceeding 2,300. This increase, more than double of Chantilly last year, has been dubbed by many to be a success in terms of exposure, with many that now believe that we can see a chink of light in the otherwise dark curtain of secrecy that often shadows these meetings.

Is this kind of thinking a little too hasty. When looking at the attendance figures it may just be that the over attendance on the saturday is in fact a smoke screen to what is fast becoming a major problem in the alternative community: the emergence of a pyramid structure where those at the top are considered leaders, and are, dare I say, worshipped.

For those people that attended the other days it was plain to see that the true numbers of those taking this event as seriously as it demanded were in short supply. On the two most important days, being the Thursday when the delegates turned up, and the Sunday when the majority left, very few were there in protest. After the clouded smoke screen of whooping and chanting, that cheered success on saturday, had subsided, what had actually been achieved? What had we really exposed?

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One Response to The Alternative Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

  1. Diane Denizen August 5, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    While it might be like this to newly awakened people, who still haven’t shaken off all baggage of the mainstream, I don’t think it is like this for most of us. I don’t think many of us guruize, more likely we check out these people’s stories for signs that they may be ‘sleepers’. I check out both Jones’ and Icke’s sites daily and check the sources of the stories, Icke has been, so far, pretty reliable, some of the stuff Jones’ site carries is a bit sensationalist, but sorting the wheat from the chaff is worthwhile to get an over-all picture. As to Jones or Icke; I’d like to go for a pint with either of them, it would be interesting, I’m sure, but that is all.