Some Good News! Seamus Sherlock: Eviction Notice Lifted!

Gates to Appletown farm ” Open ”
On behalf of Sherlock family , I confirm that we have resolved our financial difficulties with Bank of Scotland . I wish to thank all of those from right across the country and beyond who have assisted us in our efforts to save the family farm and who have expended a huge amount of their time ,effort and resources in helping us through this difficult time.

Seamus Sherlock & family.


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3 Responses to Some Good News! Seamus Sherlock: Eviction Notice Lifted!

  1. louistheguy August 7, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Congratulations Seamus - you proved that with honour and Integrity, the criminal banks really have no hiding place, and without fear, they have no weapon against honest people trying to pay a fair amount on any debt. Now if only the people could put fear from their minds, and the petty squabbles that divide them all, we might all have a chance at removing the chains of servitute that surround us all in the terms of monetised debt. If you have a debt, you dont have to walk away from it or be afraid of it, just try and pay what you possibly can and have honour and integrity, then the shackles, though maybe not taken off, may well become a whole lot looser, and life might be experienced. Be well and rest your mind, you have endured a heavy weight upon it for a while. Best to you and your family, always, The One World Chronicle Team.

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  3. Josey August 11, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    Good news at last, there is hope afterall.

    God bless all that persevere :)