GLOBAL LOOTING: The new EU bailin law was passed 8 days ago….did you notice?


Revealed: official details on how the EU will steal from us

lobsAre you a citizen with rights, or just a helpless crustacean?

Three beaming eurocrats – Barroso, Van Rompuy and Lithuanian Dalia Grybauskaite – emerged triumphant from a session two days ago, in which they mapped out the biggest bank heist in world history. This is to put flesh on the eurozone law hastily passed on August 1st (while EU citizens were on holiday) to deal with the inevitability event of a bank collapse. Under this draft proposal – which many expect to be applied to the entire EU – no depositor big or small will in future be able to feel safe with money deposited in a bank. The Slog now calls for those who represent us, across the entire cultural spectrum of European society – to do something.

In a barely read piece a month ago, the International Business Times reported on the rapidly drafted new EU law for “overhauling its policy on how banks receive bumper bailouts”. Be aware: this is an EU move, not a eurozone move: it is already law (it passed on August 1st) and although for now it applies only to the eurozone, it is an EU law. Hardly anyone has commented on this, but the approach being taken matches word for word the 3-card trick George Osborne used six weeks ago when he said:

“In future, taxpayers will not be called upon to bail banks out. It will be down to the creditors and the owners”.

The most remarkable example of double-speak to date, at the time I pointed out that creditors are taxpayers (they’re account holders, simple as that) and so as the Establishments daren’t ask us for higher taxes to bail out their mates in the banking system, they will take it via, if you like, Direct Debit. It is exactly the same principle of stealing the Troika wishes to apply to Greek private pension funds.

The initial piece at the IBT website noted that ‘Eurozone leaders agreed upon the major policy shift and also confirmed that the new rules will help protect the taxpayer and move the burden of bailing out the banks onto shareholders and junior debt holders.” Again, more bollocks: how will ripping your money out protect you? And note – junior debt holders…aka, you and I.

3monkropBut yesterday from the German site Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Economic News) came a piece reporting that all bets are off as far as the ‘guarantee of all funds under €100,000′ pledge is concerned. Under the current Lithuanian Presidency of Dalia Grybauskaite (seen left between a Trot and a poet), the proposal as drafted – and almost entirely ignored by the Western media – states as follows:

* Treatment will not be the same regardless of size of deposit, BUT small account holders will have to wait up to four weeks to get their money….’depending on how serious the insolvency is’. During that time, there will be a maximum withdrawal of €100-200 per day – again, perhaps less depending on the seriousness of the failure. (Based on the Cyprus experience, the haircut in the end will be at least 60%).

* The EU Parliament – allegedly – is demanding that deposits of €100,000+ euros should be confiscated within five days. (So much for MEPs offering us some kind of protection from the Sprouts).

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7 Responses to GLOBAL LOOTING: The new EU bailin law was passed 8 days ago….did you notice?

  1. Northsider August 9, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Last week the first seven pages of the Irish Independent (aka The Freemasons’ Journal) was devoted to the news that long-time bankster propagandist Pat Kenny was moving from one Bankster Mi5 propaganda outlet (RTE) to another Bankster Mi5 propaganda outlet, Newstalk. His shill career move was also covered on several other pages of the newspaper, and dominated the whole of the Mi5 controlled corporate Irish media’s output on that day. Is there any other country on earth where the change of job of a radio host would receive such blanket coverage? I certainly can’t think of one. But hey don’t worry, just like in his last job, Pat, in between spinning relentlessly for the banksters, will throw in plenty of cosy chat about the latest film releases, the latest gigs, the latest transfer gossip in the English Premier League, diversionary waffle about celebs, and plenty of other reassuring lifestyle and leisure pap - all in the cause of making the bankster propaganda go down painlessly. That, after all, is the essence of good shilling.

    • louistheguy August 9, 2013 at 4:15 pm

      oh you are so cynical NS LOL Louistheguy.

    • Diane Denizen August 9, 2013 at 11:40 pm

      Who in their right mind would listen to RTÉ, “Newstalk’ or any other mainstream ‘news’ outlet? All these MSM outlets are propaganda operations, they are there to deliver fear-we don’t watch ‘telly’, we do not read newspapers so we have no fear. Stop watching RTÉ they are only there to frighten you-and you pay them for that-its mad!

  2. patrick walsh August 9, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    well done northsider well said, [email protected] if you want to chat

  3. Dayrl August 10, 2013 at 11:15 am

    Hate Pat K. really arrogant man and a land thief to boot, and as for media outlets in Ireland there are none we have propaganda machines, spinning lies, subverting the good nature of the people and that is all……..I don’t believe in god but I wish something or someone would kill them all that have wrecked this Island and my own country and by the looks of it the people of this planet too, the war mongers, the bankers, the lawyers, media whores I wish you all a speedy death and most hideous too….
    But on a lighter note, fair play NS you seem to be like others I have read, you can see the bullsh*t from the truth and the others on this site seem to be of the same train of thought…..pity more weren’t like the awake folk instead they tuck in to the Saturday nights of brain drain TV and soaps……shame we have to watch all this while these brain drain people run free in society and are making laws and rules for the master but bestow on the good people, I hope they are all proud

  4. Northsider August 10, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Thanks for the responses to my comment re PK. Great to know there’s plenty of people out there who see through the MSM shill manufactured personality cult.

    • Diane August 10, 2013 at 10:40 pm

      Not enough yet though Northsider! PK is a real shill for the PTB. Daryl nails it too, people flop down in front of the telly and take their ‘programs’ while they eat their microwaved TV dinner and swig down their diet aspartame death drink, then head off to bed and take the doctor’s pills to make them sleep. Why can’t they sleep? Because they know full well that their lives are a horrible Earthly hell, burdened by debt to have a roof over their heads, working a job they hate because of the stress, but they have to do this to keep a roof over their heads, feed the family and pay for fuel to stop freezing to death in the winter. People know its bad but accept it because they are drugged down, the fluoride in the water completes their subjugation, its horrible and it sounds like science fiction-but it isn’t-its reality for hundreds of thousands of Irish people. Its time to wake up, but more importantly, to educate.



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