Chemtrails: Are You Over This Fact Yet? They Are Over You! Take A Deep Breath…

Syncrenicity -

Hats off to the man who captured and recorded the most convincing piece of evidence to date that ‘Silver’-’Aluminum’ or Silver-like ‘Heavy Metal’ particles are falling directly down from our skies like snowflakes and straight upon our heads.

We know it’s been going on for years, but so many chemtrails have been debunked or ridiculed by both genuine and trolling skeptics, – and why ‘chemtrails’ keep getting dismissed by the masses. This film footage seems to have captured what is really falling from our skies, – and it’s not looking healthy at that!!

Though there are many minerals, that when filmed like this directly into the sun, will look iridescent.

It’s tiny iridescent particles such as this that has killied millions of people around the world; coal/iron/copper/silver/gold-miners, quarrymen and anyone who worked [or still works in this field - is killing millions worlwide] with asbestos, etc. – it’s because they are so tiny particles, that we cannot do anything else; – other than to breath them in!


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