One of the Most Powerful Speeches Ever - Daphne Lee on the NDAA

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Daphne Lee is “just a Mom”, she says.  But this liberty-minded, passionate Constitutionalist gave one of the most  powerful speeches about the NDAA that we have ever seen.  Daphne, who is the Nevada state Director of PANDA (People Against NDAA)
had to sit for more than 8 hours at a recent Clark County Commission meeting in Las Vegas before she was finally allowed to speak, to a mostly empty room. It was the third meeting Daphne had attended in her attempt to share the truth about the 2011 NDAA law with the Commission.

Barack Hussein Obama swore he wouldn’t sign the NDAA because it contained two provisions inserted into the military funding bill allowing for the military to snatch and detain any citizen the government labels as “a possible terrorist’. These provisions were fought for by Lindsey Graham and John McCain who claim the United States is a ‘battlefield’ in the endless ‘war on terror’.  To the surprise of some,  Obama LIED and he signed the NDAA on New Year’s Eve 2011.

“The laws of war DO NOT and CAN NOT coexist with our Bill of Rights. It’s not possible. You cannot apply the laws of war to this country and expect for the Bill of Rights to be respected and upheld. It’s NOT possible.” - Daphne Lee, Nevada State Director, PANDA

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