Bank took away tractor that was almost paid off

Irish Independent -

Equestrian centre’s essential vehicle had just €9,500 outstanding when repossessors struck.

THEY were just finishing cleaning out the stables and grooming the horses when the repossession men arrived.

Now, months after that traumatic morning, Miriam Power of Stonehaven Equestrian Centre is still astonished at how quickly the banks came to seize the tractor, essential to keep her business going.

The banks moved to repossess, even though the tractor was mostly paid off.

A €52,000 loan was just €9,500 from being paid off completely, but had slipped into arrears of just over €3,000 on the term loan with Permanent TSB Agri-Finance that had then been taken over by De Lage Landen bank, a  subsidiary of Rabobank.

It’s a scenario which is happening every day but seldom spoken about by those who find themselves in difficulties with financial institutions.


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5 Responses to Bank took away tractor that was almost paid off

  1. Daryl August 18, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    This is bad when it happens and sorry to hear it but the horse people have been getting away with paying the same taxes as we normals on this island for decades remember good old Charlie Mc Greevy and his generous amounts he poured in to it during the FF days from the budget and all the tax breaks they got and still get….so to put this story in the papers is a slap in the face for the real victims here the ordinary workers not the tax dodgers horse people….it is only on this island that these people are held in such esteem like they are special, in my country they pay the same tax as everyone else who “runs a business” after all it is one….. it should be the way they are no different than the rest of us.

    • Diane August 18, 2013 at 8:23 pm

      Hey, well done Daryl! Drive a wedge between the people-horse people are not as well off as you would think. You are distracting people from the real culprits-the banks and their servants-the politicians. Don’t try to distract the flack away from your real friends, Daryl!

      • Daryl. August 24, 2013 at 10:57 am

        Diane you couldn’t be more wrong…my friends the bankers ? really! You haven’t a clue so you can relax on your attack there all of what I said is true you can look it up if you want. I have zero time for all authority as it is a control mechanism and politicians and bankers….these are disgusting individuals. So the people who have these massive stables who have tractors and need them to do the work in the place are not rich?, I live in Clare part time and have lots neighbours who have horses and are not rich and have to muck out their stables by hand, these are not rich but the big equestrians centres over here are loaded I am afraid or were and they pissed it up against the wall gambling on property or were living beyond their means living the high life. May I suggest looking up the centre in question…..we all fall on bad times but this kind of thing is just a piss take, the real people are suffering and this gets space here….Mr. Sherlock is one of the real people and any other who got duped in to taking out a large mortgage……so Diane stop the attacks when the truth is said and investigate who is who.

  2. Josey August 19, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Every farmer should have a shotgun at hand to deal with vermin.

    • Daryl August 24, 2013 at 11:12 am

      Not really, Mr.Sherlock showed it can be done with out a shot gun, it was tough but he beat them trying to steal his land, that is all they want is trouble then you get brought to court and you loose everything, a gun is never the answer all we have to do is look to America and we can see this. I do believe this whole country is corrupt and is being run like a business and you need massive reform to beat them but you’ll never get it because everyone is on a different page, it is called subversion and was used by the USSR and the US during the cold war and it brought down the Berlin wall and the destruction of the USSR but then it got turned on the EU to do the opposite of what it done during the cold war and case us all in this united states of europe…..its the new berlin wall (communism) bigger and more corrupt. I suggest look back at the old footage of the USSR back then and see how they acted, exactly like the EU now, driving big cars ,flying all over the place appearing on TV like movie stars, eating the best food and getting paid for nothing while the people starve and all under an unelected power house. I saw this in my country Czech Rep. when we were run by the soviets and it is scary to see it again, my mother only mentioned it during the summer when I was back home and it sent chills down my spine and anyone who lived in this situation back then and can remember it knows this to be only going in one direction…..pure and open slavery and mass poverty worse than what you see now…….I remember queuing for food with my father many times, if it gets this bad here then it might change but until it does it wont change and will continue.


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