Minnesota lawmakers ban formaldehyde in children’s products but allow the neurotoxic chemical in vaccines and diet soda

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In yet another extraordinary exemption for the very vaccine companies that  continue to poison our children, the Minnesota legislature has passed a law  banning formaldehyde in all children’s products except for pharmaceuticals,  vaccines or foods.
For the record, even the  CDC admits that vaccines still contain formaldehyde, a highly toxic  chemical typically used to “deactivate” the many viruses used in  vaccines.
The new law, House Bill 458, is entitled, “Formaldehyde banned  in children’s products.” It was signed into law by the Governor of Minnesota on  May 13, 2013.
On the surface, it sounds great. Who wouldn’t want  formaldehyde banned from children’s products? Formaldehyde, after all, is highly  toxic to the nervous system. Protecting children from dangerous chemicals is a  noble cause.
But there’s just one problem with this law: it exempts one  of the worst sources of formaldehyde exposure in children: VACCINES.
As  the text of the law readily says, “excluding a food, beverage, dietary  supplement, pharmaceutical product or biologic [vaccines].” (see full text and  links below)

Why are vaccines exempted when they are a primary source of formaldehyde in  children?

Vaccines inject formaldehyde directly into the blood  stream, bypassing all the usual protections of skin, lungs and digestive tract.  This makes the formaldehyde in vaccines order of magnitude more toxic  because it is 100% assimilated directly into the body. So even though the actual  amount of formaldehyde used in vaccines may sound small, its toxicity is greatly  multiplied by the fact that it is injected into children rather than merely  swallowed, for example.
“Formaldehyde is used to inactivate bacterial  products for toxoid vaccines,” admits  the CDC on its own website. “It is also used to kill unwanted viruses and  bacteria that might contaminate the vaccine during production.” (This is an open  admission that vaccines are contaminated with viruses, by the way…)
Yet  many doctors today continue to insist that formaldehyde is never used in  vaccines. As is obvious to anyone paying attention, these doctors are woefully  ignorant of the actual ingredients still used in vaccines — ingredients that  would be labeled “neurotoxic” in any other context


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