The EU: Towards a Fullfledged Totalitarian Federal Superstate?

By Albert B. Jansen, eMBA - Hitzacker - October 6, 2013: One flag, one military (NATO), one anthem (Beethovens ‘Ode to joy’), one currency (Euro), one government, one court of justice, one legal system (constitution), one superstate and thus one mind controlling all. That has been the plan all along: The European Union

England is not a member of the Eurozone but joined the then European Economic Community in 1972 as a member of the EU free trade agreement. It however experiences serious troubles when it comes to the daily practices that highly impairs the space for their political considerations.

And yet, this artificial superstate called the European Union being a shotgun marriage of previously autonomous states overriding the idea of nationhood as being the only root and reason for the foundation of an independent state or state federation like the one in Germany - turns out to be part of a hidden agenda, a costly joke in every aspect for all nations involved.

It at least has all the bearings for becoming a second totalitarian Soviet Union as noted by Vladimir Bukovsky in his speech in Brussels 2006.

According to Phillip Day, Britains MPs nowadays travel to Brussels for 4 days a month and have the task to vote on the decisions outlined by the EU parliament on the other 26 days.

They have complained that since participation in the European parliament – they feel like being downgraded to the state of a monkey. MEP for UK’s Independence Party Nigel Farage freely quoted: “MEPs are here (Strassburg) only to vote – sometimes 450 times in 80 minutes.

In Brussels, civil servants draw up a list of numbered amendments and other advisory paper with recommendations to vote ‘yes’ for instance for amendments Nr. 51, 53, 54 etc or ‘no’ for amendments Nr. 78, 80, 81 etc. So you vote ‘yes’ or you vote ‘no’ and hence you decide on issues without having enough time for you and your team to really study the documents and build your own opinion. It’s an absolute farce, a complete sham, masquerading as democracy”.

In 1996, chairman of the British Referendum Party, Sir James Goldsmith, frustrated by the lack of mainstream press coverage of what he saw as dismantling British sovereignty and independence by colluding politicians who wanted the UK to join the EU, circulated copies in the homeland of a short film documentary on the consequences of joining the EU as a wake up call to the Britons.

This documentary shocked millions of British households. The splitting or joining of nations or states – the redrawing of the map - into greater or smaller states is the poor outcome of conventional wisdom merely based on principles of utility, rationality and personal advantage.

In his excellent study “The Trap” James Goldsmith clearly defines the requirements for a nation to be called a nation, i.e. a state: “A nation is a land whose citizens, in their overwhelming majority, share a common culture, sense of identity, heritage and traditional roots.”

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