The chances of escaping cultural disaster are about the same as as the chances

of running away from a plague of hurricanes as witnessed last year on the gulf coasts

of the United States.


Try telling it to the know-it-alls who are quick to recognize the plight of victims of

natural disasters but see nothing wrong with family destruction and abandonment of

our youth, body and soul, to a killing subculture. Just don’t count on anyone believing

a word of it.


With no real jobs despite untold skills and talents, no cars, and families scattered

far and wide, an with friends more or less in the same boat, where can you go? With

taxes and debts piled high and little or no access to health or legal services, you can’t

get far. You are dead-ended.


There is no stopping the misery as the end result of each bad turn becomes the

source of the next crisis. This escapes the notice of advocates who recommend jobs

as a way out. What they don’t get is that jobs or no jobs the misery keeps multiplying.

Not that our families have anything against work. We are all for it, though the money

goes back into the rottenness.


Then comes the empty advice to “get out of it.” Find different friends. Make better

choices. Save yourself. Get a new life. . . Humbug. How many ways can you say, no



It is hard to imagine that anyone forced to endure such life conditions would not

want to get away from it all. But people do imagine it. They hear it from the armchair

experts pontificating on the human condition. You can’t help people who don’t want to

be helped. “These people” have to want to be helped.


Just who is included in the blanket write-off is anybody’s guess, since not all who

do time in this sub-world where good huddles with evil need to be rescued. Not all are

poor, nor are they without the support of their families and church groups. It has a class

system of its own.


Some, only half serious, are drawn to it as to a training ground. That their information-

gathering, self-serving interests are at odds with the God-given rights and responsibilities

of the family appears to be of no concern to anyone. Big business is not far away. Why

would these agents want to be rescued?


While the evils that are always hatching in this hell on earth cross class lines, those

who suffer the most are those who cannot escape it. They are the most exploited and

manipulated, the poor with smashed families, “processed through the courts,” and with

no church supports or influential social connections. They are the lonely who look to one

another for comfort, who trust anyone who talks nice to them, as someone said. Why

would they not want a better life?


Psychiatric blame-the-victim tactics aside, those who need their families the most are

those forced to shift for themselves in a culture saturated with lies and deception. They are

imperilled body and soul in a subculture  destructive of human life. What if it were to be-

come the general run, this sub-world with a choice between slow death and suicide? It’s

easy to miss the warning signs. What if it goes mainstream? What way out then?


                                                    — RITA MOORE DALY

                                                          February 2006



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