Germany Outlines New Strategy for a European Army


Rather than create a European army all at once, Germany should focus on building it bit by bit, according to a paper published this month by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (kaf). Germany should develop “islands of cooperation”—small groups of countries whose militaries work together—that can be used as “building blocks” of a pan-European military power, it wrote.

To dedicated Trumpet readers, this should sound very familiar. It is exactly what we described Germany doing in the August print edition of the Trumpet. Now you can read it in black and white, from a think tank that describes itself as “closely associated with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (cdu)”—the party of Angela Merkel.

As noted in the August article, persuading all 28 nations of the EU to sign over their sovereignty and merge their armies into one force has been taking far too long. Germany wants results now.

The kaf’s paper laments the fact that progress toward substantial military cooperation had stalled “mainly due to the lack of political and various different reservations of the European countries.” To get around this obstacle, it suggested encouraging smaller groups of nations to make their own agreements “as a gradual approach to the long-term goal of complete defense integration.” Rather than give up control of their military to the EU, nations could instead share aspects of the military with two or three neighboring nations, gradually getting accustomed to the loss of sovereignty until they later give it over to a larger European entity.

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One Response to Germany Outlines New Strategy for a European Army

  1. Diane October 14, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    This is exactly what the US is in now, where the federal government is pissing on everyones Rights, is this what we want in Europe? We need to leave the EU ASAP, before it is too late. Three years, that is all that is left, deal with it or lose everything and I mean everything!



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