Arctic Ice Returns To 2003 Levels

Not A Lot Of People Know That -

Arctic ice has recovered from its September minimum so strongly, that extent is now back to the average for 2001-10, according to JAXA.






Indeed, based on Version 1, that was withdrawn in September, extent is 11,000 sq km higher than the average in the last decade.






One Response to Arctic Ice Returns To 2003 Levels

  1. Anthony Taylor December 5, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    It,s interesting to note the constant preoccupation with arctic ice reduction when the current increase of ice in the much greater area of the antarctic is seldom mentioned…One has to conclude that the information we are given tells us nothing at all about the sea levels changes we are being constantly warned about, but a great deal about the marketing strategy and objectives of the New World Order.



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