The Word “chemtrails” Was Not Invented By a Conspiracy Theorist, It Was Invented By the US Air Force.

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The word “chemtrails” was not invented by a conspiracy theorist, it was invented
by the US Air Force. A microfiche has been found in the Oklahoma Library system
of an Air Force manual dating back to 1990, which uses the word “Chemtrails” in
its title and describes the various experiments pilots will be conducting with
the aerosol release of various noxious substances, some relating to
cloud-seeding and weather modification such as silver iodide and others, in
conjuction with the HAARP project, such as barium-fluoride.

Here is a
link to the manual:

spraying of toxic barium salts in the atmosphere relates to scalar weapons
systems (HAARP), which behave like targeted gravitational fields and act as
anti-ballistic shields.

The list of substances listed in this manual to
be used in these USAF experiments include: aluminum 3, aluminum hydride,
barium-fluoride, beryllium, cyanide, hydrochloric acid, various ions, including
ions of copper, iron 2, lithium ions, nickel perchlorate (rocket fuel),
phosphorous tri-fluoride, silver iodide, sodium ions and single-valence metals.


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5 Responses to The Word “chemtrails” Was Not Invented By a Conspiracy Theorist, It Was Invented By the US Air Force.

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  3. m_astera June 25, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    This is a hoax. The pdf is for a chemistry 131 class. No mention of weather or spraying or chemtrails or aerosols. Likely someone added the Chemtrails title on the first page.

    Good way to make yourself look foolish.

    • Zen shaman June 26, 2013 at 1:32 am

      Not only that, but the author states that the document is from 1990, but the document itself is dated 1999. Clearly a chemistry class syllabus. In which case the author receives an F.

  4. james June 26, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    The whole idea that chemtrails are about weather modification is a lie intended to counter any accumulation of interest in the subject and to deny that chemtrails are pure and simple, part of a much larger Malthusian agenda. Anyone who thinks this is a matter of weather modification simply knows nothing about the darker aspects of American history which are nicely recorded in my timeline (



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